GG offers landscape services to beautify your property. Landscaping is the overall outdoor environment including plantings (trees, shrubs and flowers) hardscapes (walkways, patios and walls) focal points (water features and fire pits) and water management (irrigation and drainage). We provide all these different elements. We do large and small projects to match your needs, from planting 1 tree to a complete new construction. We also maintain all aspects of your landscape to optimize its potential.


GG offers a landscape maintenance program that will keep your landscape investment looking its best. With anything you invest in, whether it be your house, car or investment fund, there is always something that must be done to keep it valuable. Landscapes are the same, except landscapes have living things. Trees and shrubs must be groomed, given their nutrients, and medicated when sick. Our program will do all these things. Sure we offer one-time cleanups and occasional mulch refreshing that makes it look good for a time, but a regular maintenance program keeps it looking good.

Monthly Weed and Insect Control

  • Once a month we inspect your landscape and manage the weeds that continuously invade the landscape with pre and post emergent weed control products;
  • Once a month we inspect your ornamental trees and shrubs for insect activity and we will treat as needed. It is important to be proactive with insects because in some cases they can overtake a landscape rather quickly;
  • We also inspect for fungus issues and will communicate back to you if there is an additional service is required.

Trimming and Pruning

Four times in the growing season, including the winter cleanup, we will prune your ornamental trees to promote a healthy growth habits and form and shape your shrubbery to maintain the look desired. Some like them natural and others like tight formal forms. We only prune or shape during the appropriate season for each plant variety.


Like any organic product mulch decomposes, which is beneficial to your plant material and unfortunately promotes weed growth. Mulch also disappears naturally by wind and rain. Additional planting will also deplete your mulch layer. Lawn and landscape maintenance services like blowing grass out of mulch areas after mowing or cleaning up shrub clippings after trimming also deplete your mulch layer. Therefore, your landscape mulch must be refreshed from time to time, we recommend annually. We highly discourage non-organic product like rubber and brick chips, they do not add any nutrients back to the landscape plantings. We offer hardwood mulch in both brown and black or pine straw, a mixture of them can be cool. Mulching is the most cost effective way to improve curb appeal, so let’s do it soon.


Different colors, heights and textures can really accent and bring out the beauty the beauty of your home. GG can design a new planting plan, add a tree or replace a tree or shrub in your landscape. Planting is an art that can be a real challenge to choose the right plant for the right place, we can guide you in this decision. We can choose it all ourselves, work with you in a decision or take you to the nursery to choose together. Don’t forget plants have a life expectancy just like any other living thing so sometimes it’s just time to renovate your existing landscape.

Let us be your green thumb!