GG offers lawn services both individually (not one-timers but season-long single service) and in combinations. We highly recommend packaging these services to achieve the best results. With packaging, you don’t have to worry about separate companies working over each other and, as a result, minimizing the effectiveness of the services. We can schedule every amenity around the next in order to maximize each service.

Weekly Mowing

  • Mow turf to 3.5 inches — we sharpen our mower blades almost daily so they will cut the grass rather than rip it;
  • Edge paved surfaces — we edge at 90 degrees to give crisp clean transitions between surfaces;
  • Blow off mowing debris — the finishing touch to a professional job.

Lawn Care

  • 7 round program — gives the right weed control and fertilizer at the right time;
  • Pre-emergent weed and crabgrass control — the best way to control weeds is to get them before they even comes out;
  • Post-emergent weed control — kills the weeds you see;
  • Slow release fertilizers — feed the lawn throughout the year;
  • Inspected for disease and insect issues — seeing the early warning signs of insect and disease (fungus) can save $1000s.

Aeration and Seeding

  • Double pass aeration — we go over the lawn more than once to make sure all the areas get done;
  • Rough up edges — we get the hard to reach areas (e.g., along the curb and driveway with a rake);
  • Seed with high quality transition blend seed — good seed put out evenly, and in the right amounts, is the key to a great aeration and seeding job.
You will want to walk barefoot in the grass.